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Adding A Job Vacancy

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List job vacancies on your website

List job vacancies on your School Site Press website.

Increase awareness and attract potential candidates by listing  job vacancies on your own website!

Published: 11 June 2021.
Author: Neil Forrester.

Your School Site Press website comes with a Vacancies page. The URL will be yourwebsite.com.au/vacancies

This page has an introduction and displays vacancies using a predesigned Vacancy Toggle module. In most cases, a vacancy may have addition information a candidate can download in PDF form. Any files you want available for download should be first uploaded to:

Media / Library / Download Files / Job Vacancy Attachments

Uploading Attachments

  • Login to your website.
  • From the Admin dashboard click Media / Library / Download Files / Job Vacancy Attachments
  • Drag any PDF files you want prospects to download at attachments.
  • Note: Click on the attachment to copy the URL (link) of the PDF. We’ll need later this when we edit the vacancy page.

Important: Any file you upload should not contain spaces in the file name!

Temporary-PE-Teacher-Position.pdf Correct – This name name uses dashes.
Temporary PE Teacher Position.pdf Wrong – this file name has spaces.

Editing the Vacancies page

  • Go to your website’s Vacancies page.
  • Click Enable Visual Builder top left.
  • Edit the existing vacancy module or add a new one.
  • Hover over the vacancy module and click the + icon to add a new instance.
  • Click Add From Library tab.
  • Select Position Vacant Toggle.
  • Hover over the new instance and click the gear icon to edit.
  • Update the Title, Description, Contact Information and Table Data.
  • Edit the download link. Select it and click the link icon in the toolbar.
    In the URL field paste the file URL we made copied earlier.
  • Change the name of the download file.
  • Add more download links if required.

Save your work

  • Click the purple button at the bottom centre.
  • Then, click the green tick button to the right to save the page changes you just made.
  • Finally, click Exit Visual Builder top left to review and test.


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