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Putting Your Website Into Maintenance Mode

School Site Press Maintenance Mode
Activate maintenance mode on your website
There maybe a time when you want to put your website into maintenance mode.
Maintenance mode is usually activated if we need to make substantial changes to the site and its not practical to have the site ‘live’ while the work is carried out.
Published: 10 June 2021.
Author: Neil Forrester.

Enabling maintenance mode

  • Login to your website.
  • From the Admin dashboard click Settings / WP Maintenance Mode.
  • In the next window check the box Activated.
  • Save Settings.
  • Your site is now in maintenance mode.

To disable maintenance mode simply check Deactivated.

Other settings

General Tab

  • Use this tab to enable or disable maintenance mode.
  • Do not adjust any other settings.

Design Tab

  • Title (HTML tag): This is title is displayed as the browser title.
  • Heading: This is the title you see on the maintenance mode page.
  • Text: This is message displayed on the maintenance mode page.
  • Select Colour: Set the colour for the text and footer links.
  • Background: Set the background image or solid colour.
  • Custom CSS: The CSS styling applied to the design of the maintenance mode page. We advise you do not touch this unless you know what you are doing.

Modules Tab

Under this tab we can decide whether to display:

  • Countdown.
  • Date the site will be live again.
  • Subscribe.
  • Social Network Links.
  • Contact Information.


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