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School Site Press Benefits

School Site Press provides your school with many benefits

Our platform is affordable, professionally designed, easy to use and includes prompt & reliable support.

Affordable School Website Design

Commissioning a web design agency to create a ‘custom design school webite’ is a time consuming and expensive undertaking. With our experience in school website design & development, we have a very good understanding what schools actually want.

The School Site Press model is adaptable and provides everything your school website needs to be operational in a short space of time. Our platform includes: pre-defined page structure, pre-designed modules that can be modified, easy to follow tutorials, ticket support and more!

School Site Press is provided as an affordable monthly subscription including GST. There are no lock-in contracts. As long as your school subscription is valid you have a School Site Press website.

If your subscription payment ever fails don’t worry. Your site will stay ‘live’ and we’ll make every effort to contact you to discuss the issue.

Professional design & exclusively for schools

Each School Site Press website has been created with WordPress & Divi Theme. According to the WordCamp site, there are currently over 75 million sites that use WordPress so its likely you’ll be familiar with the interface. In addition to WordPress we also utilise Divi to provide the best user epxerience when it comes to creating page layouts.

If you’re not familiar administrating WordPress or Divi don’t worry! We have created a series of tutorials for you to follow.

Let us take care of the technical stuff

One of the main issues many school webmasters face is the ongoing website maintenance, applying updates and keeping security tight to deter hackers.

With a School Site Press website you don’t ever need to worry about updates, backups and security ever again as the subscription you pay includes these core services.

All updates and security measures are applied to a staging site first to ensure everything works correctly before they are applied to live sites.

In addition to updates and security the server takes regular backups of your site should we ever need to rollback to a previous version.

LiteSpeed Web Servers

Good web hosting is essential for your website to operate correctly. Each School Site Press website has its own web hosting account with its own resources.

When you order a service from us, you choose your prefered server location. We have servers in Australia, New Zealand, United Kindon & Untied States. Or server allocations come with with 10GB of NVMe storage, unlimited bandwidth, 6GB memory, 400% CPU limit, hourly backups, malware scans and SSL certificate for encryption of all data passed via the site.


Lost your website login info? We’ll get you back in asap!

It’s not uncommon for one persons to run the school website. In some situations that person has left and forgot to pass the school website information meaning that no-one has access to the site or support.

Sometimes, in these circumstances the only option left was to start over and create a brand new site!

With School Site Press website you’ll always have access to your website. Simply contact us for the login details. After our telephone verification checks, we’ll have you logged back in asap!

Support & Tutorials

When you need help, we are here for you.

We are continuously adding to our list of tutorials so that you can easily find the administration asnwers you are looking for.

If you need additional help, simply login to School Site Press and raise a support ticket.

We respond to all tickets within 24hrs or sooner. In some instances we will arrange an online  ‘face-to-face’ Google Meeting or a telephone call to ensure you get the help you need.

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