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School Site Press Features

Create page layouts quickly with pre-designed content modules

Easily build and customise your school website!


Create Visually


Easy To Use


Pre-Designed Pages


Events Calendar


Message Ticker


Language Switcher


Create News Articles


Add your brand & colours

Page Builder Features

Drag And Drop

Drag & Drop

Create layouts using the drag & drop builder.


Save Layouts

Save layouts & designs for use on other pages.

Real Time Editing

Real-time Editing

See changes to your design in real-time.

Global Colours

Global Colour Palette

Update your chosen colours globally with one click.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Your site will look good across all platforms.

Undo Redo

Undo / Redo

Made a mistake? Easily undo or redo edits while designing.

Many Options

Design Options

Adjust design settings to get the look you want.


Save Page Layouts

Save page layouts to your library or computer.

School Site Press features pre-designed web pages

Web Pages & Site Structure

To help you get your school’s website up-and-running quickly, School Site Press features include a comprehensive list of pre-designed pages and design modules. You can keep, delete or add pages following our step-by-step tutorials. Create page layouts using modules and edit their colours, fonts, images and more making your school website unique.

Events Calendar

Every school website should have an events calendar to showcase school trips, shows and special events! Adding events to your school website is simple. Each event can display dates, times, prices, organiser, venue, information and event description. All of your calendar events will look great on School Site Press!

Features - Events Calendar
School Site Press Features News


Adding regular news articles to your website is essential to keep your visitors up-to-date. It’s also good for SEO too! When creating a news post you can add pre-designed modules including image galleries, videos, download buttons to name but a few. Add as many modules as you want and easily reposition them using the drag and drop builder to create the layout you desire.


Adding video to your pages and news posts will make your content much more engaging. You can either upload a video file directly to the website or display video from a YouTube link. Your site comes with 20GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth but videos are large files and can soon use up your disc space. If possible, we recommend you upload your videos to YouTube and display them on your site using the YouTube URL.

School Site Press features an easy to use drag and drop media library

Drag & Drop Media Upload

Uploading and organising media on your School Site Press website is easy and intuitive. Media folders have already been created for you relating to page content, news articles, image galleries, videos etc. You can rename and create more folders if required. It’s also possible to move images from one folder to another without ‘breaking’ the image display on your website.

Website Backups

Your website is backed up by the server every hour every day. If something goes horribly wrong we will have a relatively recent backup that we can revert to. School Site Press has also been designed using Divi theme. This means that every action you perform while building is saved in your editing history. You can undo, redo and explore revisions with ease. If your internet or computer crashes while editing, Divi will automatically save your progress so that you can restore it.

School Site Press features automatic website backups
School Site Press features page builder portability


In addition to creating backups, you can also export and save page layouts before you work on them. This is the safest way of working while you develop your page layouts. It’s also possible to design modules and save them to your library for use on other pages making your administration time super efficient.

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