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How It Works

Getting set up on School site Press

Setup, Create & Publish

Create your School Site Press website


Whether you are ordering a custom school website design or  subscribing to our School Site Press platform, it is likely you will need:

  • Principal or School Council Approval before hand.
  • Once you have approval, your accounts department will issue you with a Purchase Order Number authorising the purchase. You can add your Purchase Order number at the checkout page.
  • Choose to pay Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.
  • Choose to pay by Direct Bank Transfer or by Automated Credit Card Payments.


Ordering Process
Create your School Site Press website


We design & build your website on a temporary platform so your your existing site can stay live while your new site is developed. You’ll be able to:

  • Login to your website and start adding your content.
  • Edit exisiting pages or create new ones.
  • Upload staff profiles, page information.
  • Get creative with your news posts by adding pre-designed information modules to style your content.
  • Create calendar events that link to payment gateways such as Compass.

See our ever growing list of tutorials explaining how to administrate your School Site Press website.


  • Once your site is compete we’ll schedule a time to make it ‘live’.
  • We migrate your website from the staging platform to its own ‘live’ web hosting platform.
  • We then ask you to point your domain A Record to us. If you’re not sure how to do this ask your IT person. We also provide assistance if you need help with this.
  • Once the A Record has bee updated allow 24 hours for your new website to be live to the world!
School Site Press - Affordable school websites

Professional, Affordable & Easy To Use!

Only $350 per month.
No lock-in contract.

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