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Create your School Site Press website


When ordering / subscribing to our school website platform it is likely you will need:

  • Principal or School Council Approval before hand.
  • Once you have approval, your accounts department will issue you with a Purchase Order Number authorising the purchase. You can add your Purchase Order number at the checkout page.
  • Choose to pay Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.
  • Choose to pay by Direct Bank Transfer or by Automated Credit Card Payments.


Ordering Process
Create your School Site Press website


Once subscribed we’ll create your website on a temporary platform for you to work on. This way your existing site can stay live while you create your new site. We’ll add the header and footer information for you. You can then:

  • Login to your website and start adding your content.
  • Edit exisiting pages or create new ones.
  • Upload staff profiles, page information.
  • Get creative with your news posts by adding pre-designed information modules to style your content.
  • Create calendar events that link to payment gateways such as Compass.

See our ever growing list of tutorials explaining how to administrate your website.


  • Once you have finished adding content to your development website and you’re ready to go live let us know.
  • We then migrate your website from the staging platform to its own live web hosting platform .
  • We then ask you to point your domain A Record to us. If you’re not sure how to do this ask your IT person. We can also provide additional here help if you need it.
  • After the A Record has bee updated allow 24 hours for your new website to be live to the world!

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Only $350 per month.
No lock-in contract.

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