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Editing Global Colours – Change The Colour Of your Website

Editing global colours on your School Site Press website
Editing your website's global colour palette

Learn how to editing global colours can quickly change the look of your entire School Site Press website.

In this tutorial we show how you can quickly change your site’s global colour palette to your liking.

Published: 5 June 2021.
Author: Neil Forrester.

Editing Global Colours

When your site is created we assign global colours for you based on your school logo. If you want to change them follow the instructions below and watch the video.

  • Login to your website.

  • Go to this page: your-website.com.au/style-guide (replace your-website with your own).

  • When the page loads in click Enable Visual Builder to edit the page.

  • When the Visual Builder has loaded scroll down to the Theme Colours.

You will see 2 rows of colours used throughout your website.

Each colour is named so you can see where it is applied. Example: The primary colour is applied to your menu heading background, title text and some section backgrounds on the home page.

Changing a global colour

  • Hover over the colour and click the gear icon.

  • When the Divider Settings box appears click Background.

  • Next click Global. Then click the small gear icon.

  • Be careful as you are now editing the global colours used on your website.

  • Click the colour you want to change and enter the new HEX value or select a colour using the colour picker. You can find HEX colours using the Coolors.co website.

  • When finished click Finish Editing Global Colours.

  • Click the green tick bottom right of the settings box.

  • Next click the purple button at the bottom centre.

  • Then, click the green tick button to the right to save the page changes you just made.

  • Click Exit Visual Builder top left to review.

  • After you have existed the Visual Builder you will see the new colour applied.


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