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Creating News Posts

Creating News Posts
Keep your website relevant with news posts

Adding regular news posts to your website is a great way for keeping parents informed and also helps with SEO too!

News posts help to keep your site interesting and engaging. In this tutorial we’ll go through the process of creating a post step-by-step.

Published: 14 June 2021.
Author: Neil Forrester.


Prepare your written content and images first. This will improve the process for creating news posts.

Upload Your Images

  • From the Admin dashboard click Media / Library / .
  • Select the News Images folder and drag your images onto the window to upload.
  • Your images will then be uploaded.

Creating a new post

  • From the Admin dashboard click Posts / All Posts. This page displays a list of all posts on your website.
  • Click Add New in the top left corner.

Add post information

  • Add the post title.
  • Categories and select News.
  • Add any relevant tags.
  • Set a Featured Image. This is the posts main image.
  • Click Save Draft to save our work while we continue editing our post.
  • Next click Use Divi Builder
  • When the page loads in you will be prompted to add a row.
  • Next you will be asked to add a module.

Moving forward you can add modules to your post to create the layout you desire.

Add modules and assign presets to them. A preset is a pre-defined style that we have created for you. It is also possible for you to style the module how you like using the settings box.


  • When you add module, at the top of the module settings box click Preset: Default.
  • Choose the SSP preset to apply a clean design we have already created for you.
  • For a full list of pre-designed modules you can add see yourwebsite.com.au/style-guide/

Some modules are added from the Library and those are:

Download Blurb SSP – Pre-designed download blurb module.

Extra-Curricular Blurb – Pre-designed activities module used on Extra-Curricular page.

Position Vacant Toggle – Pre-designed positio module used on Vacancies page.

Image Caption Text – Pre-design text module to be placed beneath images.

Table – Responsive / scrollable table data.

You can reposition modules by dragging them on your page.

SEO – Add SEO information to your post using Rank Math

When editing the post or page using Visual Builder you will see a small purple icon bottom right with a graph. This is our SEO icon.

  • Click the Rank Math icon.
  • The Rank Math SEO settings box lets you know what you need to do to improve this pages’ SEO.

Note: Please do not get too hung up trying to achieve the perfect SEO score. Simply do your best and move on. It’s too easy to waste too much time fussing over this.

  • Snippet – This is how Google would display this page in a Google search result.
  • Title – Give the page a title and include the main keyword near the front of the title. (70 characters)
  • Permalink – Don’t edit the permalink.
  • Description – Add a description with the keyword used near the beginning of the first sentence. (160 characters)

The settings box provides information on how to can improve the SEO for this post / page.

Make improvements where possible but don’t get hung up on perfection. Anything around 70% is satisfactory. Google determines your website’s SEO score based on all the content as a whole – not just one page.

To improve your posts SEO score, read the Rank Math SEO tutorial.


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