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Applying SEO To Pages & Posts

Improve your page / post SEO

Optimising your websites pages & posts SEO to be found in a Google search.

In this tutorial we’ll look at the process of optimising your page content so it is SEO friendly and more likely to be featured in a search result for your target keyword phrase.

Published: 14 June 2021.
Author: Neil Forrester.

Before & After SEO Score

Below is the SEO score before and after optimisation. It’s clear to see, it’s worth spending a little time to improve your school website SEO score.

  • Before optimisation: 15%
  • After optimisation: 78%

Optimising pages & posts

In this example we will optimise the exmaple post School Web Design.

  • Content: Ideally we need to write over 600 words.
  • Formatting: Format all titles should be Heading 2.
  • Add media: If possible include images, an image gallery or video.

Target Keyword Phrase

The target keyword phrase for the post will be: school web design.

  • Login to your website.
  • View a news post or page at the front end.
  • Click Enable Visual Builder.

When the visual builder loads in click the Rank Math SEO icon at the bottom.

Adding the keyword phrase

  • A settings box will appear.
  • Add the target keyword phrase: school web design and press Enter or Return.

Edit the snippet

Next Edit the Snippet. This displays how people would view the page if it were to be listed in a Google search result.

Always put the target keyword phrase first in your titles and descriptions.

  • Title: School Web Design | Benefits of a professional school web design. Try to stay under 60 characters.
  • Description: School Web Design – Professional school web design comes with many benefits including a better user experience for parents and increased return visitors.Try to stay under 160 characters.

Add Media

Adding media to your pages & posts will improve your score.

  • Add an image module.
  • When editing the image module settings click the Advanced tab / Attributes.
  • Ensure you use the keyword phrase (school web design) for the Alt text and title.

If you can achieve a score of 70% or above that’s great but don’t worry if you can’t. Just do your best on every page and collectively, it will help your website’s overall score. Remember, on some pages it will be impossible to get a good score because there simply aren’t enough words. The contact page is a good example of this.


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